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An eCourse to turn your blogging dreams into reality…



Join me (and a few of your new blogging friends) on an incredible journey that will set you on the right track to launching a successful — and fulfilling — blog.

Throughout this 15-day journey, you will receive fun and actionable lessons that will guide you through my trusted and tested methods.

(And, YES, I have fun bonuses up my sleeve too!)

In this ecourse, you will:

Build a self-hosted WordPress website

Begin a social media presence



Create a 3-month content calendar

Have support through our members-only Facebook group

Understand your Ideal Reader

Discover ways to connect with your new readers

Grow your readership


Utilize the 50+ page workbook (filled with ideas and resources)

Learn about your fellow bloggers by engaging with them on the Facebook and by reading their blogs

I’m going to be your support system throughout this entire process.

Plus, the Facebook group will be an excellent resource to ask questions from your new blogging colleagues.


Since signing up for her coaching services, I have achieved several goals, including completing a creative art project and creating my first Prezi presentation. Furthermore, I have noticed that I am more confident and inspired to take on new projects since working with Amber.

- Lisa, Maryland

I believe what makes her so great for this program is her ability to see through the bull and be blunt about what the issue is and how it can be solved.

- Katey, Maryland

Amber's coaching has allowed me to feel empowered, it put me on the right course, and the plan we developed is one I know I can use to turn my vision into reality and make my business more profitable.

- Jennifer, Virginia

Amber has a no nonsense approach to setting up a blog and pushes you to accomplish more than you thought possible in a 15 day turnaround.   

- Lisa, Connecticut

Amber gave a technology-deficient newbie the inspired confidence and guidance to launch a dream. Fantastic experience! So blessed to have been able to take part in this course!

- Mindy, Virginia

START A BLOG IN 15 DAYS challenge was extremely helpful. I knew nothing about how to start a blog before this course and she made it so easy with her explanations. I felt prepared by the end of the course to build and start my new blog. I am very grateful to Amber!

- Laura, Texas


How will this work?

Each day, you’ll log in and watch the video on that day’s lesson.  I outline the objective + offer inspiration and stories from my personal blogging journey. I’ll challenge you to complete a specific task that will move your blog forward. Each task will build your blog step-by-step until you launch.

Can I work faster?

YES YOU CAN!  This is a self-paced course so you can go as quickly or slowly as you need to.  That’s the beauty of this course.

When will my blog be ready for launch?

You’ll be ready to launch in 15 days – it’s that simply.  Or, you could really hustle and get the job done sooner.

Are you a hustler?

What if I started a blog a while ago and want to resurrect it?  Is this course still for me?

YES! The first few days will be about setting up the website, which you may already have, but after that, you’ll be able to jump right in and bring your blog back to life.

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