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Hayley Griffiths is obsessed with traveling. She’s either working in travel or working in the travel world. She started travel blogging as a way to document her life and her worldly adventures. She’s more interested in seeking a happy life, and that’s what she focuses on in A Life of More.

Instead of checking off things from her bucket list like she used to, she cares more about enrichment. Hayley thinks more about what she can give back to the world as she goes through everything.

Inspiring, right!

To Hayley, a life of more means growing through travel and making travel meaningful. More importantly, her tagline, travel often, live simply, be happy, encompasses everything she believes in.

Hayley did her first round-the-world trip at age 23, which was the pivotal travel moment. She was hooked! Long-term travel, she believes, is enriching in a way that short-term travel isn’t. Long-term travel allows her to maintain her life in the UK but gives her stints to travel around the world.

Even back in the UK, Hayley is applying what she has learned from her travels and applying it to her life. She wants to take what she’s learned and give it to others in order to ask people, what makes you happy.

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Episode 19 – Hayley Griffiths

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