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Rachel Moffett is the genius behind The Haute Notes. She’s a content and blogging coach for creative, female entrepreneurs. As you’ll hear in this interview, she and I have a lot in common.

She’s been blogging since 209, and her major goal is to create amazing content online.

She quit her job a little over a year ago to be a full-time in her business, and she has allowed herself and her blog to change and evolve over the year.

If this doesn’t speak true to your heart, I don’t know what does!

Rachel is most open when she’s talking about her goals. She lists her monthly goals on her blog, which is highly inspiring for me. She stays organized by using Asana, a paper planner, and lots and lots of to-do lists.

Soul. Mates.

Rachel also gives some really personal insight to what life is like as an entrepreneur, such as staying motivated, working from home, and getting things done. She breaks up her day by taking walks to make sure that she can be the most productive as possible.

Rachel is such an expert on blogging, so I wanted to ask some really pointed questions to make sure that you’re questions are answered.

Rachel says, if you’re a new blogger, make sure you’re passionate about the topic. She also says it’s ok to rebrand and to give yourself the permission to change and evolve over time. Things change. Go with it.

Rachel says, if you want to improve your blog, she thinks you should reach out to your readers. Get to know your audience and learn about what they’re interested in. Conduct surveys. Engage with the answers

[ctt title=”If you have no idea what your audience wants, all you have to do is ask.” tweet=”‘If you have no idea what your audience wants, all you have to do is ask.’ — @redheadrachel via @TheAmberMonaco” coverup=”fZLcr”]

The Haute Notes is relaunching the social media course, which is coming out in the near future. Be sure to sign up for Rachel’s email list so you can stay updated along the way.

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Episode 18 – Rachel Moffett

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