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When I came to Amber I felt overwhelmed and stuck.  I knew what to do but I also felt paralyzed by fear because there was so much to do and I felt as if I did something wrong I would be a failure and a reject.  Running a business is incredibly terrifying and taking risks is pertifiying to say the least.  The coaching I received from Amber was a calm in my storm.  She is incredibly gifted at helping you identify what your goal is, articulate why that goal matters to you, determine how that goal encompasses larger values in your life and fits into what you stand for.  She helps you write your goal down, figure out the baby steps to make the goal more manageable, and create a plan with specific and achieveable measureables so you can actually achieve it.   Amber coaching has allowed me to feel empowered, it put me on the right course, and the plan we developed is one I know I can use to turn my vision into reality and make my business more profitable.  Amber and Climb out of the Cublicle helped me turn my dream into a workable manageable plan.  If I had not gone to Amber I would have had a great idea that would have never come to pass.  I also would not be free of the anxiety that comes from turning a vision into reality.  I would recommend anyone who feels stuck, overwhelmed, or has a goal but doesn’t know how to achieve it work with Amber.  I did and my business is more profitable as a result.



Amber is not only a wonderful person, but she is a fierce and fantastic friend. I believe what makes her so great for this program is her ability to see through the bull and be blunt about what the issue is and how it can be solved. While hearing blunt statements isn’t always nice, I think it helps. Rather, when I am attempting to solve a problem, I would much rather be proactive and take it head on opposed to beating around the bush. It’s important for a life coach to understand what they are doing due to past experiences, and I think that’s what Amber has. She doesn’t try to fix a problem that she hasn’t already had.



Working with Amber from Climb out of the Cubicle was a life-changing experience for me. I had never worked with a life coach previously, and was hesitant to share my personal goals with someone else. However, Amber made me feel instantly at ease, and worked with me every step of the way. Since signing up for her coaching services, I have achieved several goals, including completing a creative art project and creating my first Prezi presentation. Furthermore, I have noticed that I am more confident and inspired to take on new projects since working with Amber. From the in-person discussions about my goals, the contact and encouragement via email, and the final sharing of my success with Amber, I constantly experienced her enthusiasm and support in achieving my goals. In addition, I really appreciated Amber’s meticulous action plan; my goals were broken down into clear segments with tips, recommendations, and outlined steps, which was very helpful in terms of staying on track and completing my goals by the given time frame. I would certainly recommend Amber as a coach because she is professional, supportive and full of brilliant ideas that will help you unlock your potential and accomplish your goals. She takes the time to listen to all of your concerns and makes realistic recommendations; there was never a time when I felt like I wanted to give up or that the program wasn’t working for me. I am grateful for all of her help and excited to set more goals in the future!



START A BLOG IN 15 DAYS challenge by Amber was extremely helpful. I knew nothing about how to start a blog before this course and she made it so easy with her explanations. I felt prepared by the end of the course to build and start my new blog. I am very grateful to Amber!



Amber gave a technology-deficient newbie the inspired confidence and guidance to launch a dream. Fantastic experience! So blessed to have been able to take part in this course!



Amber has a no nonsense approach to setting up a blog and pushes you to accomplish more than you thought possible in a 15 day turnaround.



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