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Tomorrow is an interesting day: September 23.

It may seem like a normal, Fall Friday to you, but in fact, tomorrow is a special day.

As of tomorrow, there are 100 days left in 2016.

Yep, 100.

The New Year will be here before you know it, which means that we all need to get serious about our goal list for the year. We need to make sure that we’re on track to achieve everything we want.

100 days is a long time – that’s more than 3 full months.

You can do a lot in 3+ months. You could go on some amazing trips, you could write a book, you could clean your your apartment.

But, I want to break it down a little bit for you and pose a challenge.

Here’s the challenge:

Beginning tomorrow, September 23rd, 2016, commit to doing ONE activity every day for just 15 minutes.

Do you realize that 15 minutes a day for 100 days adds up to 25 hours?


That’s huge.

Practicing something for 25 hours will add up to something amazing.

What are some things you could do each day for 15 minutes?

  • Apply for a new job
  • Write
  • Read
  • Run
  • Purge unnecessary items
  • Learn an instrument
  • Learn a new skill (i.e. knitting, improving your handwriting, learn Italian)
  • Test an experiment (i.e. no spending, no waste, vegetarianism)
  • Journaling

Are you with me? If so, join us over at The Second Shift, my exclusive Facebook group, where we’ll keep each other on track.




Challenge: last 100 days in 2016

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